Colonel Jacob Stroud was the founder of Stroudsburg. In 1761, Jacob married Elizabeth McDowell, and together they had twelve children. Jacob built houses for all of his progeny, including a stone farmhouse now used as the clubhouse for the Glen Brook Golf Club.


This stone farmhouse was built before 1800 for Jacob’s oldest son, John. Originally, Jacob built the Stroud Mansion on Main Street, Stroudsburg for John. Jacob had hoped that John would work alongside him in both the family’s many business ventures and in the ongoing efforts to develop Stroudsburg. However, John preferred “the life of a farmer” and moved from the Main Street residence to the farmhouse one mile west of Stroudsburg. Jacob then bade his second-oldest son, Daniel, to return home from his law practice in Easton to live in the Stroud Mansion and pursue the family enterprises.


John Stroud was born in Shawnee-on-Delaware on July 12, 1768 at 1:00 am. Although the first boy, John was the third child of Jacob and Elizabeth Stroud. John was raised locally and married his second cousin, Elizabeth DePuy at Fort DePuy in Shawnee. The couple had seven children.


According to family lore, after John moved to the farmhouse west of town, his relationship with his father became strained. The descendents of the Stroud family indicate that John Stroud was the “black sheep.” This deterioration in the relationship between father and son is clearly seen in Jacob’s will. To his children and grandchildren, Jacob left vast tracts of land, houses, livestock, furniture, and money. John Stroud only received “…the balance of all debts which he owes me.”


John Stroud died January 7, 1814; he was only 45 years old. He and his wife Elizabeth are buried in Hollinshead Cemetery on Dreher Avenue in Stroudsburg.


The stone home remained in the Stroud family for over 100 years. The home received the name “Glen Brook” from the Kerr family (John’s oldest daughter, Eleanor, married Joseph Kerr in 1816), and was named for the small brook that ran alongside the house. In the 1920’s the house and surrounding farmlands were sold to a group of businessmen who created a private country club and golf course.


In 2005, the Stroud Township supervisors purchased the 224 acre golf course and the stone home from the Knickman family. The John Stroud House still stands and serves as a restaurant and clubhouse for the golf club. The Glen Brook Golf Club, including the old John Stroud House, now Mullay’s Clubhouse Cafe is open to the public.

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